Projects that I have worked on are all listed here. Click on the images to see more detailed info and photos of the work in progress.

March 2016 – École Sainte-Anne, ”Casier Bibliothèque Géante”  casier1

In collaboration with Mr. Guy Ringuet, I worked with the grade 7 and 8 classes at École Sainte-Anne, to assist them in painting their lockers to look like a giant library!  Click on here to see what we have done so far.

January 2016 – École des Bâtisseurs, ”Ma Communauté”

IMG_4772_2In Madame Angèle’s grade 2 classe, the students drew images of their community, I then chose something from each image to make up a mural drawing. The kids all came
to paint on the wall and create their community in large scale on a school wall. Click here to see the process and get more details.

May 2015 – École des Bâtisseurs, ”Pièce de Transition”

This piece was done to help the children transition to the new school in the fall. 658 students participated in this project. Click here to see photos as it was being constructed and for the meanings of all the parts in the image.


May 2014 – École des Bâtisseurs MuralIMG_1239

I painted a mural in the stairway of École des Bâtisseurs. A total of 70 students came to help out in one way or another on the mural, including the ribbon of ants that go all the way up the stairway and to the secretary office. To see more click here.


June 2013 – Jeux d’Acadie 2013 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I painted 3o 4”x4” and two 8”x8” canvases for Jeux de l’Acadie 2013. Their theme was ”Comme and surf with us” so I painted some surf boards in the colours of the various regions. To see more click here.

June 2013 – Capital Chair Affair  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In Fredericton NB, artists painted some chairs to be placed in an auction. All the money raised go to local charities.

This year I painted a children’s chair. Click here to see some photos. I called my chair the Chalk-A-Doodle Chair. On the arms of the chair I used some chalk board paint, to keep the kids entertained!

M&T Deli window front, April 2013

Painted 3 pieces in the M&T Deli window the week of April 8th, 2013. The finished pieces are called ”Bow River”, ”À l’eau ah!” and  ”Fathoms Below”

Click here to see the daily progression of the paintings.

Art  Smart, December 2012

Colombe Multiculturel

I did a Art Smart project called, ”Colombe Multiculturel”, in December 2012. This project was done with two 6th grade teachers;  Mme Louise-Andrée H. and Mme Annie  M.’s classes.  I worked with the students for two months to produce this large piece of art, that will remain in their school, École Sainte-Anne in Fredericton NB. It can be seen  from the door next to the public library. To read more about this project and see more photos, click here.


M&T Deli window front, June 2012



Painted a 48”x36” canvas, in the window front of the M&T Deli for one full week.  The finished artwork is called ”Curly Sue”.

Click here to see the progression of this piece.

While there I was interviewed by the Telegraph Journal and CBC Radio Canada.


Canada Flag Mural, March 2012   

I painted the Canada Flag on the wall of Ecole des Batisseurs. Once that was done I had some kids from every class come and paint in the red part of the flag. Every class had prepared an illustration to reproduce on their part of the flag. I added textures where I could with either molding paste, glass beads and even a cork! The maple leaf is a collage of photos of many kids from the school. In this image the photos are blurred, not sure which of the kids are allowed to be on the internet. Better to be safe! Click here to view close up photos from each class on this mural.

M&T Deli window front, January 2012

For a period of two weeks, I painted a 48”x48” canvas at the M&T Deli, in their restaurant window. The finished artwork is called “Lemonade Beach”.

Click here to see the progression of the painting from start to finish!  


Art Smart, December 2011

I did a Génie Art project with the third grade students  and teachers at École des Bâtisseurs in Fredericton. Together with the teachers; Mme Julie, Mme Michelle, Mme Jennifer and Mme Sylvie,  we came up with the idea for project. I than met with the students for a period of two weeks to produce the artwork. The project will remain on the school walls at the entrance of the school. Click here to see more detailed photos and description.

July 19th  2012  – Paint a chair for an auction ”Chair affair” 

I volunteered to paint this chair for an auction to support local charities. July 2012

This is a community fundraiser for 3 charities – Muscular Dystrophy, Catch a Breath, and the Turnaround Achievement Awards. The event was  held at Kingswood Lodge July 19th with refreshments and entertainment. The chair made $500 at this event.

I named my chair “The Colour Doodle Chair”


April 2012 – Going away gift for Tanya Roy   

Tanya Roy was the school director for Ecole des Batisseurs since it’s opening in 2008. She is leaving her position as school director in May 2012, so the school personnel planned a special gift for her departure. They asked me in for some ideas and together we came up with the idea of an image painted with all the fingures of the nearly 600 students from the school. In one full day, I went from class to class, to add each child and teachers finger prints on a canvas board. Using various colours, I made a simple image of a sun rising. This was all done by sneaking in from class to class without Mme Tanya seeing me in action! Thanks to all the personnel it was done without being seen and she was very happy with the results once presented to her.

June 2011 – Matisse representation, with grade 4 class  

With my son’s grade 4 class, I gave the kids each a sheet of aprox. 8.5×11. They used “Sharpie” markers to fill out the image on their pages. Once all put together the finished project is this wonderful representation of Henri Matisse’s work. About 25 students worked on this project which now hangs near the secretariat at the Ecole des Batisseurs.



May 2010 – “Coeur de Rockeur” poster, tickets and program design.

Coeur de Rockeur was a big music performance put on by local musician, Marie-Claude Landry, in the spring of 2010. Chosen by the group, the name Coeur de Rockeur is a play on words, as choir and heart are both pronounced the same way in French. I designed the group’s tickets, poster announcing the performance, and the program given to the audience.



May 2010 – Mlle Charlotte grade 3 painting

Third grade students were reading a book called Mlle Charlotte. Students voted on their favourite scene from the book and were then asked to draw it. By looking at these drawings, I identified every student’s artistic strength. This is allowed me to decide what each student would paint on our final class painting of this scene. During the next month, I took 3 to 4 students out of the classroom at a time to pain for about 30 minutes to one hour. They took turns painting until it was complete. To add a finishing, they sewed beads around certain parts of the painting.

The completed piece was showcased at a fair in Moncton, NB, along with work from other schools of the same school district. The painting now hangs near the entrance of the school with all the student’s signatures along the sides the painting.

December 2009 – École des Bâtisseurs Christmas Concert Decorating Project

I came up with a plan to decorate the stage and cafeteria for the Christmas concert. Once the music teacher shared with me the theme of her show, I designed a special art project for every grade level to contribute in making the set for their show. I facilitated workshops for all the teachers to explain their art project to them. I also facilitated student workshops in certain classes. I recruited volunteers to help set up and take down all the decorations.

The children loved this project. Many came to me after the show to thank me for having designed this project for them. They loved the experience and being part of such a big creative production. Not only did they decorate for their own music concert, all the parents were able to see their art talents as well. It was very rewarding for all.