Summer Time Fun

This art collection shows the three main styles that I work in, with my acrylic paints.

  • My beach paintings: These are the waves, beach scenes, waterways or water sports. I grew up near the ocean, and now I miss it terribly, so I paint it!
  • My music paintings: These are completely influenced by music. I choose a song, and then only listen to that song while painting on my canvas. The music directs the colours and movements of my brush strokes. The end result is my visualization of that song as a painting.
  • My pourings: These look somewhat like oil drips. For these paintings I use only paint, a medium and the canvas. Much of the work is done in my head before I actually put it down on the canvas.

Summer Time Fun poster

These are my paintings in my Summer Time Fun show!

To purchase any of these paintings, please contact me directly: 451-5165 or

I’ve explained below each image the style that I have used in making it. If you have any questions or comments please write to me;

Sunset 60x30

Sunset 60×30

Sunset is one of my beach paintings. I tried to capture a sunset that that my parents witnessed from the beach one summer night. My mom took a beautiful photo and used it as reference to capture that moment.

80s 16x48

80s 16×48

80’s is one of my music paintings. For this one, I listened to 80s music while painting it. Brought back lots of fun memories!

''Teenage Dream'' 20x20

”Teenage Dream” 20×20

''Teenage Dream 2'' 20x20

”Teenage Dream 2” 20×20

Teenage Dreams (Diptych) is a pouring painting. I worked at having the sides match from one canvas to the other. It matches on more than one side, so it can be mounted different ways.  SOLD

''After Midnight'' 36''x48''

”After Midnight” 36”x48”

After Midnight is another pouring painting. This to me looks like an under water image of a big wave.

''Bow River'' 48''x36''

”Bow River” 48”x36”

Bow River is one of my beach paintings. It is a popular view of the Three Sisters mountains from the Bow River in Canmore Alberta.

''Tofino'' 30x24

”Tofino” 30×24

Tofino is another beach painting. This is a scene from my first time surfing. I surfed in Tofino with my sister and when we walked back to our camp spot, one of the other sites looked like this. I thought it was beautiful!

''Surfer Crossing'' 30x24

”Surfer Crossing” 30×24

Surfer Crossing is a beach painting. The sign on the bottom left corner is an actual signage that can be found in Hawaii. I played with words on this one, I have the surfer duck diving the wave, so she is ‘crossing’ the wave, hence, Surfer Crossing.

Kawanka 24x24

Kawanka 24×24


Kawanka is a beach and music painting. This one I tried combining both styles. I went all out and even did the sides all funky!  SOLD

Breaking Dawn 24x24

Breaking Dawn 24×24

Breaking Dawn is a beach painting. I wanted to show the power and strength of a wave in this one.

Funky Monkey 36x24

Funky Monkey 36×24

Funky Monkey is another technique altogether! I tried something new with this one. I love the shape of a bicycle so I combined my love of colour with the shape of a bicycle. For this one, I didn’t even use a paint brush! I used my hands and the tubes of paint directly on the canvas. I really enjoyed making this one and plan on doing more of these, perhaps with different shapes. SOLD

Fun Run 60x30

Fun Run 60×30

Fun Run I did to music. This was inspired completely by one song…’Love Runs Out’ by One Republic. I just listened to that song when painting this one. So this is how I see that song as a painting! If you look closely you’ll see a roller coaster and a ferris wheel. SOLD

Lucky Stripes 30x24

Lucky Stripes 30×24

Lucky Stripes, I did with my pourring technique. I worked this one in layers. I usually don’t do that with my pourrings but I wanted to control the lines and get a little texture.

Secret Garden 30x24

Secret Garden 30×24

Secret Garden I also did with my pourring technique. I love these colours and the contrast of the pink with the turquoise. To me this painting is happy yet there is some mystery to it. This is why I chose that name!


Dreamin’ is one of my beach paintings. This image is so relaxing to me. It’s relaxing to look at this surfer from underwater and the idea that the surfer is just sitting, bopping around with the little waves while waiting for the wave to surf is also a relaxing moment. She is wearing an anklet that I beaded with a real seashell.

This painting is SOLD.

''To the Beach'' 12x36

”To the Beach” 12×36

To The Beach is one I call my beach painting as well. They are all signs leading to various beaches. I had fun naming some local small beaches and other popular big ones in very different parts of the globe. I thought that would be fun all on one post!