Acadie du Monde

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Acadie du Monde

Acadie du Monde, 36×36 on gallery wrapped canvas – SOLD  

This was painted while listening to a song of the same name. The song inspired the colours and movement of this painting. I listened to the same song throughout the whole process to make sure to stay true to what I felt the song would look like visually. I finished it up with some beading here and there in the painting to represent the Aboriginal drumming in the music.  This painting is SOLD but will be on display, with other paintings I will have for sale, at the Grand-Falls NB show ”A tribute to l’Acadie” during the Congrès Mondiale Acadien, Aug 2 and 3rd 2014 at 8pm.  

Here is the link to the song:


I am selling tickets to this show, if you live in Fredericton, you can contact me for tickets. or 454-6411