February 1st, 2018

Happy New Year 2018! I hope you are well and happy!

I have not painted since last spring. I needed some time to clear my mind and be ready to continue on my artist journey. I think I’m just about ready to get back into things. I have started with cleaning up my website. It’s a big website, it’s in two languages after all!

I hope to write again soon with images of me painting in my studio.

April 25th, 2017

Already April!!! I have spent much of my new year decluttering. It feels good to remove items that we no longer use to make more room for what we do use. I’ve gone through not only my house but also my studio. I must say, it’s harder to declutter the studio because it’s filled with things that I can potentially turn into other things! How do you chose what needs to stay and what needs to go? Well, no worries, I kept what I knew or thought I may use and gave away what I knew for sure would not make it into one of my projects.

I’ve gotten a bicycle painting done recently. It is my dream bike. My dream includes the flowers and all!! Here it is:

Dilly dally small

I’ve also had fun painting a few small ones…

These two have both already sold. The one with the metal pieces I had done with a group of friends. I was showing them how to do this pouring technique. One of my friends had the idea of adding things in it. I love the result!

The horse painting I drew from a photo that my sister took in Alberta. The horse really had blue eyes! I never saw that before. I found it very cartoon looking so I painted that cartoon horse on this mini canvas. I plan on painting more cartoon animals on mini canvases. It was fun and the results are like little treasures.

I’m just about to start a big project with a grade 5 class in a school where I haven’t yet left my mark. This is very exciting! The theme is the 150th anniversary of Canada. It will be a 8foot x16 feet piece that will be a background for a musical performance and then put up on the school walls permanently. It’s a big Canada map essentially. I’ll photograph as we move along on the project. I’m just at the shopping for the materials part of it all.

I hope your 2017 year is great so far. I’ll be back writing more often while doing this next project, so, talk to you soon!!

December 11th, 2016

Today is a happy day, our local mountain, Crabbe Mountain is opening with 15 runs ready for people to ski and snowboard on! My son and husband have gone to spend the day there trying out the new snow. My daughter and I would normally go as well but today with are part of a show where three choirs are singing individually as well as together. We did a show last night and today is a last matiné.  It’s a beautiful sunny, but cold day today. I’m all nice and cozy in my home with a fire roaring in our wood stove. I feel very fortunate for today!

Let me show you my two latest pieces;

Tidings of Comfort is 36×24 inches, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. The gold and silvers didn’t come out perfectly on this photo. It’s the best i could get!


This one is Holidayz, it’s a 48×36 inches, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.


Hope you have a wonderful day!!

October 22nd, 2016

I just finished a collection that I brought to the Café Cé d’ici in Fredericton NB. The paintings are  all up on display and for sale there but I can also sell them from my website, so if you see something that tickles your fancy, just drop me a line!

Here is my latest collection. A technique I call my pourrings. Most of the work gets done in my head before it even hits the canvas. Once I get started on this I have to keep it going until it is done, because once it’s dry there is no turning back! It’s a very exciting process. The results are these colourful and glossy beauties!

October 21st, 2016

The FEAST pop up restaurant looked great! Nice white decor, very classy. My paintings coloured up the walls. It was really cool to see my work there! Looked so different in a place like the Delta as opposed to my studio walls! Here are some photos:


September 18, 2016

I finished the painting I want to have part of the pop up restaurants at the Delta!! yay for me! Here it is:


This painting is 36×36 inches, acrylic with mix media on gallery wrapped canvas. I’m selling it for $540.

It is a music painting, I listen to music and let the music help direct the colours I use and the movement of my brushstrokes. My mood also gets mixed into the whole mix. I’m painting this one for a particular event. Someone involved in this event is in my mind very colourful, fun, outgoing and loves my paintings. So those are the words I started with, from that I chose my song….Sia ‘Cheap Thrills’. I got well into it, then switched the music up a little, kept it upbeat so that the colours still worked. When I was all done, I decided to add a little something more to the painting so I sewed in a few buttons and added some glass bead gel. I’ve very happy with the result.

I am lucky to have been asked to provide the artwork for one of the chefs participating in the pop up restaurant event happening at the Delta Fredericton NB, end of Sept 2016. I’ll have a few of my paintings there. I wanted to make one nice fresh one for the event. This is the one!

As soon as I have more details of the event I’ll post it here.

Next week I will be working on a board game that I was asked to do the illustrations for. It’s much more work than I expected. I have to really understand the game and put in my two cents in order to have the illustrations really work for the game. It’s like my math equation! I should have new photos of where I’m at on the board game, end of next week.

If anyone reads these blogs, I’d love to hear from you! I’d love to know what you like to see on here, what types of paintings do you most like? Do you like following along as I paint or prefer to see and understand the finished work? Would you like more details about each piece? I’d love to hear from you!

September 14, 2016

Wow, I’m not much of a blog writer!  Here’s a quick summary since June:

Our summer camp was awesome! We had 30 kids in it this year and did we ever make lots of decorations for the set! The fact that we were doing the Peter Pan musical helped, I love disney shows. Here are a few photos of what we put together that week.

Here is a photo of all three monitors for that week. Myriam worked with the singers and put together the musical, Nadia worked with the violin students and I worked with the kids in the afternoon to make the crafts and set design with them.


We were very lucky to have some lovely and very helpful students to work with us and help us with all the kids! Thank you so much to these wonderful helpers!!! (one person is missing from this photo, she was just as helpful!)


These are cute photos taken during the show, I will only put these two because I don’t remember who I have permission slips to have their photos on here!

It was a spectacular performance and wonderful week. Looking forward to next years camp!


I was commissioned to paint a piece for the Michaud Public Library to put in their new teen area. This piece was to be a signage type painting. I had done a few sketches and this is the one that was chosen. I of course did some modifications, I always like to add some texture and follow my heart a little on the final piece. Notice in the shadow of the letters I used some pages from old books.


This is what the teen area looks like now where the painting is placed…



Now I am just finishing up a painting that will be put up at the Delta hotel here in Fredericton during a pop up restaurant event. I should have that done in a few days, I’ll post when done.

June 1st, 2016

I just sold this painting to a local radio station CJPN. I called it L’étoile to represent the star in the acadian flag as well as to represent the many singer songwriters who go through the station. It will go up in their studio on a beautiful bright blue wall.


This painting was just moved to the Abbey Café on Queen street in Fredericton. It is there for sale for the month of June. The Abbey Café have vegan and vegetarian food, local art and they share their space with Red Rover Craft Cider. They are in the location that M&T Deli used to be. Go check it out. The space has a nice atmosphere.

abbey café

Of course my name isn’t on the painting!

May 27th, 2016

I finished yet another section of lockers! In this section there were 4 classes of grade 7 and 8 students. I started off painting with two grade 7 classes, thinking after that my time is up I need to move onto my other projects but one of the grade 8 teachers decided his students needed to also paint their lockers so he and his classes helped me prepare the lockers for their transformation!

I ended up painting with about 120 students! They all did a great job and this area looks really great. It is more of a room filled with lockers than a hallway so yes, it does look better with all these lockers painted. I must say though that it took allot of hard work to organize 120 students plus the 4 teachers to get this job done is such a short amount of time but it got done! yay!! And the kids all seem very happy and proud of their accomplishment.

My part of the project is now done. The students are now waiting on the next person to come and help them put in the titles of their books on their lockers.

Take a look at the before and after images;

Now that this is done for me, I have worked on a painting ordered by a local radio company for their studio. It’s all done and ready to have it’s photo taken. I’ll post once I’ve shown the client.

I must now get myself ready for my summer camp. This year we will be 3 artists giving the camp. In the morning kids 6-12 years old will either sing or learn violin, and in the afternoon they will all work on set design and creations with me. Should be lots of fun as always! Camp is almost full. I think there is one or two spots left. Here is the poster for the info;

April 8th, 2016

The two classes of grade 8 students that I was painting with where impressive. They were hard working and showed impressive talent. I love to encourage art so when students would come to me and say they would like to paint something specific from the cover of their book, I would usually just answer, well if you are comfortable doing that, I can give you the paint and brush that you need. Some wanted a little guidance but really I just suggested the paint brush to use and some colour combinations, I showed how to do a blend of colours, in some cases I showed how to look at the image that they wanted to reproduce. In order for them to replicate it properly.

They learned how to paint with a paint roller and paint brush. They learned that we must prime first then paint, then varnish. They learned how to protect what you painted already by using tape or newspaper to block off areas such as the neighbours locker or areas on their locker that didn’t need this new colour that was being applied. The students learned to keep their environment clean. If any spill we must pick it up before it dries. They were awesome about all of this. I was told many times that the hallways were never that quiet with that amount of students in it!

I was also very lucky to have many students who wanted to be my helper! I’m sure many just wanted to cut class but when they did come help, they actually really helped so I loved having them with me. Very seldom did I have to send kids back to class cause they were not working. Great bunch!

Here are photos of the students working on the finishing touches. (I facebook more than blog as I go along. It is so much quicker! ) If you want to see more photos of the progress and various steps we took to get to this, please go to my facebook page. I post there every day that I work on the projet.

Here are some photos of the finished backgrounds of all the lockers for these two classes. We divided the project so that I do the backgrounds and Mr Ringuet does the lettering with the students. So my part is now complete with these two classes. I’ll move on to another section and start one or two more classes.

Wow, before and after is amazing transformation!

off I go to put more colour in the school!!!

March 16th, 2016

We have started painting the lockers! Mr Guy Ringuet and I are meeting with 2 classes of grade 8s at Ecole Sainte-Anne, a few times a week to help them paint their lockers. The end result will look like giant books!

This is a project done through, ”One artist, One school”, we just happen to be two artists!! Each student has chosen a book. They will paint the spine of the book on the door of their locker.

Here is the before;


They have already primed their lockers,

and painted the black for the background, shelf around the door (which will be the book).

Tomorrow we will paint the second coat of the black and hopefully Friday we will start putting in the colour on the doors!

February 13, 2016

We had our official unveiling of the mural today! We were lucky to have our Mayor as well as the Lieutenant Governor and her husband, parents and friends attend! We even made the news! Check us out at 30:59sec in this clip;

Photos of our unveiling;


January 25th, 2016

We have completed the mural! I have a few details to finish up and then we will varnish. You can see more photos on my project post;


January 14th, 2016

We did some very nice work on our mural. I projected the image on the wall to trace it with my big 9B pencil;

Then the students came and traced the images with a paint brush and black paint. They impressed me with their talent! They all got the chance to come more than once to trace some of the images.

The mural is coming along nicely!!


We are still tracing the details, and having fun along the way!! Some of the students sing while they paint and others joke around with the friends that are there painting with them. I love watching them get into their painting while having fun.

The image is now all ready for us to add colour!! Yay!!


Look at the mural now;


We still have lots of work to do but it’s coming along very well. I’m looking forward to painting with them tomorrow!

December 29th, 2015

I have been working on a mural for an ArtSmart project with a grade 2 class at École des Bâtisseurs!

In this grade they talk about their community. So the teacher had the children discuss what they see in their community and then make some drawings of some of these things that meant something to them. Here are their drawings;


On the far left at the top I have an open book which I was also using for inspiration for the style of image that I’ll give to the mural. The teacher liked that type of loose imagery and colour so I took that book and the students images and away I went to do some sketching!

Here is the sketch I ended up with… this after making sure to add an image from each of the children’s drawings, and taking into consideration the conversations the teacher had with the students. Them telling her all the things they like to do in their community!


The students talked about loving to be able to walk or ride their bikes across the river on the walking bridge. They love having ice cream at the lighthouse, and putting their feet..or whole the fountain at City Hall! They enjoy the jazz festival, biking, boating, walking their dogs and taking in shows at the Playhouse. And one thing most kids drew were apple trees! They love picking apples!  So, in this image I made sure to have all of those activities. You’ll notice the trees are taken directly from their images. I loved how some of them had apples without gravity!! The car and flowers are taken directly from their images, as well as many other parts of the final image. I want them to recognize their drawings on the mural.

One little fella made me a drawing of our mural, after I had showed them the image I had put together for them


First step – Patching the wall and priming!  The janitors of the Centre did a fine job of patching the wall and having it all cleaned up for me. I then came along with my primer and gave it one coat. Just that looked great! But the final image will not have much white in it!!


Step 2 – drawing the lines for the background image. We set up a projector for this to make sure the proportions where good.

Then I set up our work area with all our inspiration stuck to the walls around our mural. I want to make sure to stay true to the original little artists images! So, images up and painting purchased, we’ll be ready to paint!

The students got to roll out the background colour and paint in other areas, to have the background completed. They were very excited to start! I must say that it is SO fun to work in this environment! The kids, not only from this classroom, but any of the students from the school who would pass by would have wonderful compliments and very nice remarks as we put the colour up. We just put in the sky and you’d think the image was done! Really fun to be working here! It doesn’t take much to make these kids happy. Here are some photos of some of them painting and the background getting done;

I just went in today to give the background a little depth before putting in the images. So here is the background now;


At the bottom you see some books..these are the ones that we use along with the students images, for inspiration, for the style of our drawing. The style is loose and I’ll try to stay within those same colours. Here is a photo of one of the pages.


Next I’ll be projecting all the little images on the wall and tracing that out ready for the students to paint it and fill it all in with colour. There is a nice big window next to this mural. This will be an extension of the Fredericton they see out the window!

I’ll blog here about once a week to keep you posted. If you have Facebook and want to keep up more frequently, I do post there every time we work on the mural, look for my artist page called:  StudioRichard – Lise Dumas Richard

November 29th, 2015

Yesterday presented my work at the Christmas Market at the Centre Sainte-Anne. It was nice to see other artists and hear the many choirs there.

Next on my list is working on the mural with the grade 2s! We will be painting a scene of the city of Fredericton. One of the little artists who will be part of this project came up to me yesterday to tell me that her class has started to draw sketches for this. Yay! I can’t wait to see what they come up with. From these sketches I will put together the image for the mural. Hope to have that done in the next couple of weeks.

The wall is all prep’d up! This is where we will paint…


Until this begins I will continue working on my many paintings started in my studio. Here are a few works in progress..

November 5th, 2015

I just found out that two projects have been accepted! Yay! I will do one with a grade 2 classe at École des Bâtisseurs, we will paint another mural! The other project is with all the grade 6, 7 and 8s at École Sainte-Anne. We will be painting lockers!

I’ll post more information once the students are well aware of the project. This will be fun to follow!

October 17th, 2015

Here’s a little update on what I’m painting now. If you have Facebook, follow me there. I post very regularly and as I paint. You get to see some progress and the first to see it once I have it all done! Look for this in Facebook to find me; StudioRichard – Lise Dumas Richard

The last painting I finished up is this horse, I called this one Zazzz. I was listening to music by Zaz and somehow I horse came out of it! First time I paint a horse. This one’s an 8×8

Zaz, horse painting

These are some little ones that I have done since this summer;

I’m still working on the two bigger paintings that I had started mid September. Should be done by next week. I’ll post when done!

September 18th, 2015

I’ve had a wonderful summer with my family. I took lots of photos for painting inspiration and filled myself up with lots of beach days! We spent our summer a little bit here and there, but we did spend a little more time in Nova Scotia. Wow, the beaches there are spectacular! Here are a few photos that I have handy for wave painting inspiration;

beach photo

beach photo

Beach photo

Now that September is here, I have jumped back into painting full force. I’m having a fun time in my studio painting away on many canvases at once! Right now I’m working on music paintings. I’m working on big 40×30 canvases,  and sizes as small as 4×4 (inches).


I continue to work at building up my Etsy shop, at the moment I only have 7 items in there. All of which are in my ”For Sale” section in the website by the way. I’ve opened up on Etsy to try out that market, we will see how that goes. For now, I’m still loading it up with merchandise.

I’ll try to post a little more now that I’ve started a routine again!

Have a great day!

July 29th, 2015

My art show at the Fredericton Public Library will be closing up this Friday morning. I’ll be taking down my work and distributing the sold paintings. I sold 4 paintings during this show so far, I’m very happy to say! These are the ones that sold;

Teenage Dream is a Diptych, they were sold as one. One painting was at the show but had already sold. I’ll be delivering it to the owner this August. This is the painting;


I’ll be bringing the rest of the paintings home for about a week while the Café d’Ici gets a fresh coat of paint on it’s walls! Then I’ll fill up the café with my paintings. By then I hope to have many little ones painted as well to fill up their shelves before the start of school.

I’m participating in the Paint the Town for Hospice that will be happening the 14th and 15th of August in Fredericton NB. At this event I’ll be painting small paintings. I think I’ll try my hand at painting flowers a little. I have been asked for flower paintings. I’ve pondered some ideas and plan to give it a try during those days. If your in town, come and check it out Aug 24th from 12-6pm and Aug 15th from 10-4pm. Many artists will be at the Wilmot Church Hall on the corner of King and Carlton street. A portion of all the sales from the paintings will go to the new Hospice in Fredericton that is planning to open up on Regeant street.

I must say that I’m enjoying the summer and getting lots of ideas for new paintings. I’ve bought myself this cute tiny sketchbook and watercolour set that fits in my purse, I can sketch or paint anywhere any time! Fun!!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

July 2nd, 2015

My opening reception for Summer Time Fun art show is on tonight at 7pm!! It’s all happening at the Fredericton Public Library. Everyone is welcome. We will have a little craft that anyone is welcome to try is they are interested. A little abstract art done with bubbles!

Here is the poster again. If you click on the poster, it will take you to a page that will show you all the paintings I have in this show. I have explained the techniques I used to make the paintings as well. Please email me if you have any questions!  I hope to see you tonight!

Summer Time Fun poster

June 25th, 2015

We are already at the end of our summer camp week. Wow, time went by really fast! Tomorrow, Friday June 26th at 3:30pm the kids from our summer camp will be performing their theatre show on the set that they have created with me. They have a beautiful set this year with great props that they worked hard at making all week.

I can’t wait to see them perform. I don’t get to see them practice. I have heard the music that they will be singing to and it’s very upbeat and fun!

The show is free, so come on over with your family and enjoy the show at the Centre Communautaire Sainte-Anne’s theatre.

Here are some great photos taken during the camp this week.

In the mornings before going to the camp, I painted to finish up some of my work that I want to have at my art show next week. I’m getting ready for my art show at the library. My show will open July 2nd and be on until the 30th. Opening reception is July 2nd at 7pm until 8pm..or 9! I have prepared a little craft for those who would like to try it, so bring along your kids. They will particularly like this craft!

Here are photos of some paintings I’m working on…

June 15th, 2015

The poster for my art show at the Fredericton Pubic Library is now out! I hope many of you will come to the opening night on July 2nd! We will even have a summer craft that anyone can try. Kids will enjoy and grown up will have fun trying this craft. Here is the information;

Summer Time Fun poster

June 8th, 2015

I just found out that I’ll be having my own art show at the Fredericton Public Library for the month of July 2015! So I am painting full time to finish up and prepare a few new piece to put in this show. I’m pretty excited, they have lots of great wall space there.

Today was an awesome painting day for me. I just found the right music to pump me up and off I went and painted on 5 paintings! Didn’t get them all done of course but had them all out and did something on each of the 5. I even tried something very different for me. I new technique that I just felt like trying out. So far it looks great! I want to do a little more to it before I sign it off as done, but so far so good.

Here are a few photos of todays progress:

May 25, 2015

The school project ”Pièce de Transition” is now completed! Here are the final photos;



This is the piece done by the kids who will be staying at the École des Bâtisseurs. This piece will go into the new school on the North side.


This is the piece done by the kids who will be going to the new school in the fall. It will stay at École des Bâtisseurs.


It was a fun project with lots of meaning. I really enjoyed working on this with all the kids and the help of their teachers.

Now back to my ”Fun Run” painting! Today I’ll do some admin work. I plan to paint at the end of the week. I’ll soon be planning all the details for our summer camp as well! There are only a few places left. Anyone who was interested in details here’s the flyer;

Camp d'été 2015

May 20, 2015

All the kids from École des Bâtisseurs have painted on one of these two puzzle pieces. Amazingly enough, only 2 kids were absent the days that I was at school doing this project. Out of 658 kids, that is pretty good!  This is where we were when I left school today;

These are now in my studio, I will add some details and paint the sides, varnish and return to school.

Here is a close up of the dog paw that makes a beautiful cloud;


Bye bye  cart! This was how I traveled from class to class… I had two of these to push around, it was nice to have everything with me, so I could mix paints as I needed.


I should have a final photo for you end of the week or early next week.

May 19, 2015

Today I worked with the kids on the project again. We got really far! Only another half day left. Will get the last few kids tomorrow and add my little touch to it and voila!

Oh! We even got a doggy print in there! Used her print as a cloud!

Here are photos of today;

May 12, 2015

I have been working hard at coming up with an idea for an art project in which 658 students can participate, without it being a mural size! On top of that, I need two pieces, one to stay at École des Bâtisseurs and the other to go into the new school. This school has been overflowing with students so a new school as been built and will open in September 2015. It is a bitter sweet experience for the children in that school. They are excited to have a new school but they will miss their friends.

This is a transition piece to help the students view this transition as positive and to feel like they are taking part in it. So I have come up with the idea of two puzzle pieces that fit together. The kids and I will paint an image that will look like one when the puzzle pieces are placed together, and it will also look good on it’s own, when it is mounted up in each it’s own school.

The school director had a great idea of having the children paint on the part that will go to the other school. It will definitely have more meaning with the children for sure. So the kids who will stay at École des Bâtisseurs next year, will be painting on the piece that will be going to the new school and vice versa.

Because of the high number of kids to work with on reasonable size puzzle pieces, each child will put in their finger print or a simple brush stroke and together it will create a beautiful piece. Here is my sketch;


The water represents the river that flows in the city of Fredericton NB.

The rainbow represents the bridge.

The two schools represent the school that will now be two.

The children of course represent the students and all their friends.

Here are some photos to show you the steps I have taken to get this done so far;

I drew out on paper, the shapes that I wanted to have cut out in wood, then drew it on this thin MDF board. This thin MDF board was used as a template to cut the thicker pieces.

paper prep

Two thick MDF boards were glued together to get the desired thickness for my final piece. Then I had these cut in the shape that I needed. Here is the photo of those pieces cut out and primed.


I painted the background to be like a sky. Nice sky blue colour with summer white clouds. This photo is blurry but shows the idea! I used Golden and System 3 paints for this.


I then drew my image to size to get my proportions and to figure out where all these kids will put their finger prints or brush strokes. Seems there will be 400 working on one and 250 on the other. Remember; the kids going to the North end school will paint on one and the kids staying at Bâtisseurs will paint on the other.

drawing to size

I have my rainbow colours lined up, I’ll be mixing it with Molding Paste. I work with pastes all the time, this will be a Lise painting done via children! That equals bright, fun and sculptural!

rainbow colours

I plan on preparing all of my colours tonight, ready to work with the kids on Thursday. Half of the kids will work on this Thursday and the other half on Tuesday of next week. I’m looking forward to seeing all the people at École des Bâtisseurs again and working with all these wonderful kids!

April 15, 2015

What a great day today! The sun is shinning, I met with lots of wonderful people at the Centre Sainte-Anne; school and center, was inspired by beautiful artwork and I even discussed a new project!

Where to start?…I’ll go chronologically;

I woke up to a sunny day…ahhh just that alone feels nice! This morning I met with the school director of École des Bâtisseurs. I’ll be working on another nice project which will include all the students of the school. Yay! I was due for another school project! Walking in that school is like coming home! I have done so many projects at that school. It’s really neat to re-see all of it. Most of it is attached or painted permanently on the walls.

I snapped some photos while I was there, these aren’t the best quality images, to view these in more detail, click the ”projects” button at the top of my website, they are all there with a project description. Here’s a little peak at the artwork I directed, that I got to re-see today:

I’m looking forward to brewing up some ideas for this next project that I will get to do with the kids at Bâtisseurs! The project gets underway sometime in May 2015, so very soon!

After my lovely meeting at Bâtisseurs, I went to take photos at the Café d’Ici. It’s a lovely Café on the grounds, open to the public at large. I have lots of my paintings exposed there, and have cards for sale near the cash register. Other artists have work displayed there as well. I think the artwork adds to the atmosphere of the café. Something that is unique to this Café d’Ici is that all their food and artwork is local. Many of the items that you will find to eat at this Café, you can also find at the market on Saturday morning. Such as the coffee itself! It’s a nice place to go, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the down town. On nice days, they even have tables and chairs set up outside!

I was feeling so inspired by having this new project to work on, and seeing all my work up at school and in the Café, that I figured, why stop there? So I went to take a photo of another ArtSmart project that I did at École Saint-Anne. This one is behind a glass wall and in the hallway where kids have their classes so that’s locked up from the public, so I took the photo from the Centre where I can always keep an eye on it!

After all of this and talking to more amazing people at the Centre I went into the gallery. Wow! Really lovely work. The gallery is free by the way. Anyone can walk right into the Main Centre doors and go into that gallery to view the artwork. Just ask for direction to the theatre or gallery. It’s all at the same place. This show is worth a look. Beautiful colours, very inspiring.

This was just what i needed to put together the missing pieces in my head so I can finish up the big commission piece that I am working on. I was at a hard part of the painting, just didn’t know quite where to go next to finish it up. I think I have that all figured out now! Sometimes all you need is to take a walk at just the right place! Plus talk with people who make you happy….as I did today.

I hope you will all experience a wonderful day today as well!

April 1st, 2015

I finished an 8×8 painting;

cover wave

I called it ”Cover wave”, it’s acrylic and mediums on gallery wrapped canvas. Selling for $50. Contact me if you are interested.

I also finished my skateboard for the auction;


I haven’t given it a name yet, I think I will get my son Wesley to help me with a name since he is a skateboarder! This one is also acrylic and medium but on a skateboard deck. All the money raised from the sale of this board will be donated to making a new skate park in Fredericton NB.

AND I sold a painting today! This lovely little 4×12 one called ”colourful Flowers”;

IMG_4439 IMG_4440 IMG_4438And we already have 9 people registered in our summer camp! I’d say today was a pretty good day!

March 30th, 2015

I’m almost done my skateboard for the Concrete fundraiser! I hope to have it done tomorrow and post photos later this week.

Myriam Poitras and I have completed the details of our summer camp for 6 to 12 year olds who are interested in Singing, acting and doing set design. Here is our add with all the details. All in French because our camp is in French. If you are interested in having your child be part of this and that you need some translating just email me, I would be glad to give you the information in English if that works best for you!

Camp d'été 2015

March 24th, 2015

Well I sold my ”Dreamin’ ” painting already! It will be picked up this summer so I get to enjoy it in my own home until then!

I have been painting on an old skateboard for a silent auction that will take place in May at the Playhouse in Fredericton.The work will be installed on May 6th, 2015 at the Fredericton Playhouse. There will be a closing reception and silent auction on June 3rd 2014, from 5-7pm. The money raised will go toward building a new skateboard park in town. My son is a skateboarder, so I am particularly happy to be part of this event. Here are some photos of that skateboard that I am painting. It is still work in progress!



Today I made lots of changes to this wave…I will have it done by next week.

My mind is going crazy with lots of ideas that I would like to put down on canvas! I’ll have to finish this board, then my commission piece….THEN I can play around with these ideas! It should be a very exciting spring!!

March 5th, 2015

I have finished a few paintings and had them framed at Bates framing. They did a great job! This is my mosaic all framed up:


I’m very happy with the results. This is my dream bike! My bicycle is blue but I would love to have a very colourful one like this with a basket to put some flowers in it. I could see myself stroll around with my colourful bike. Ahhh, summer…looking forward to it.

This was my first mosaic piece. I had started it in a workshop with Sheryl Crowley in Saint-John NB. Finished it up at home. What a fun workshop!

I also finished up this surfer painting…:


I called this one Dreamin’ because I often dream of surfing. This view is to me very dreamy. Sitting on a surf board in warm water waiting for the next big wave to ride. I added a real anklet on her ankle. I beaded it and put in a sea shell. Here’s a close up of the anklet;


Had this one framed at Bates Framing as well. It wasn’t a gallery style canvas as what I usually work on. I felt it needed a little something to finish it up properly, hence the floating frame. This one is a 20×20 painting plus the size of the frame.

I also finished up this little 4×12 painting of colourful flowers. Played around with some pouring painting on this one as well and had fun with the sides of the painting.


IMG_4439 IMG_4440

I’m now working on another big commission piece, 36×30 beach scene. It’s an interesting one with lots of coral and very active water waves. Must have been a windy day. I still have a 60×30 piece that is waiting for me to get back to it. I hope to work on that one soon. It’s one I am doing to music. Interesting deep colours on that one. Purples and greens…I’ll have to post photos when I get back to working on it.

Well that’s my little update for now. I’m looking forward to painting next week. I have lots of ideas for new paintings, I’ll need a few sketching days to put down lots of those ideas so I can bring them to life sometime!

January 14th, 2015

I have been working on a few paintings at the same time, it’s fun to get back into a bunch of paintings! Here are photos of some work  in progress:

My mosaic I will get framed. I am very pleased with the results. I had taken a mosaic workshop with Sheryl Crowley in Saint-John last year, I had to finish some of this at home, it of course took a spot on a shelf until now! It’s fun to work in a different medium once in a while. It gets my mind thinking of different ways to do my art. Feels good on the brain!

The under water painting I have plans to add some beading in there… it will be a surprise! It’s a fun image that I’ve been wanting to paint for some time. I’ll probably put it up on display and for sale at the Café d’ici when it’s done. The other two small paintings, have also been sitting around waiting for attention. Monday it was time to work on these a little. I hope to finish them both up today.

January 7th, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

I took two weeks off from painting to spend time with my family and friends. It was good for my arms to get the rest. I did finish one painting just before the holidays. A commission piece, here it is: ”Summer Time” 12×24 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.


Summer Time

The photo on the bottom shows the colours better, plus it’s in its permanent location! Top photo, I think it was a rainy day when I took the photo. I take the photos outside for more accurate colour but I need the sun’s help!

I’m in the midst of ordering another canvas for my next commission piece. 36×30. I will only show photos when the client has seen it so until then, I’ll show you the side things I’ll be working on. I have 4 on the go. Paintings that have been hanging around waiting to be done. I think I will finally get to finish those up! Would be a great way to start 2015!

This year I hope to get my Etsy store started up and get lots of painting done for that store! Here is me hoping for a good painting year!!!

December 2nd, 2014

Today I am updating my Society 6 page. There are sales until the end of the day Dec 3rd so I figure I should have more options up there for my potential customers! I’m first making sure that every image is available for every product sold by Society 6. I will then add more images to choose from. It’s a big job but fun to see all the products that will then be available with my paintings on it!

Here are a few images of what you can find on Society 6. There are way more choices on there, if you like this type of thing, click this link and you will be directed to my site. The orders are all made through them. I get a small percentage of the sale.

November 14th, 2014

So much for posting as I work on my painting! I got too involved. I find I post quick photos on Facebook more regularly. To Blog is more of a commitment! I had a wonderful time working on this big painting. I let myself go completely and I am very happy with the results. Check it out;


This middle piece is 60”x30”, each of the smaller square pieces are 12”x12”.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, commissioned painting.

Of course when you get to see it in real life this painting looks so different because of it’s size. I feel like I succeeded cause I was able to get an abstract piece while including a wave. I’m looking forward to seeing it on the wall in my clients house. She has a nice big wall for this, it should look great!

Here are a few photos I took while making it. I took mostly close ups, not to ruin the surprise to the client as I painted.

Now onto the next painting! A much smaller one. I must talk to the client before posting any information. Not sure if it’s a gift and not sure if she wants to see it grow.

October 27th, 2014

Well I finished another commission piece and sold it to my client. I can’t post the image here because she is giving it as a gift. I don’t want to ruin the surprise! I can say that it turned out really well. It was a painting from my H2O series that I redid for her with a few changes.

Now I am working on a very big painting. This one is made of 5 canvases, one large 30”x60” with two small 12”x 12” on either sides. This one is a gift that the FredKids board of directors, purchased for one of the members as a thank you for her hard work. I’m very excited about this painting for many reasons; As an artist when we are trusted completely to paint whatever we want, it’s really a dream job! This is the case in this one. This person was given the gift of receiving one of my paintings, I met with her, saw in her home where she will place the painting. I asked her to give me a list of the paintings that I have done in the past that she likes. This gives me a general idea of her preferences. She wants me to paint ”whatever I want!”.  On top of this, she already purchased two of my paintings, so I am very comfortable painting for her, I know she will like the end result.

The person I am now painting for, has a great personality, she is well loved in the community and she is involved in just about everything! She sings, she dances, gives classes to kids, she is great with teens, a good organizer of events…the list goes on. So I have chosen a fun playlist, that I feel goes with her personality, on my iphone. I listen to while painting. I always listen to that same playlist, I find my colour choices and brush strokes are very influenced by the music and mood at the time of painting. So I make sure that I am ”feeling it” when I go in my studio to paint. I plug in my tunes and go into this other world of colour. I’ve surrounded my work area with the images of my paintings that this client said she liked for even more inspiration.

This combination of 5 canvases for one painting is my first one. It’s very exciting to see bloom. I’ll try to post as I go along in my process.

October 7th, 2014

Instead of blogging, I’ve been painting!

I have finished and sold one commission piece at the end of September. This person wanted to purchase a painting that had sold, so she asked if I could do another similar one. When I delivered it to her home, I was in awe by her collection of paintings! It is an honour that she bought one of mine to add to her collection.


”Too Lucky”  48”x24” acrylic on canvas

Just last week I got the good news that my painting ”Transcending” sold in the Isaac’s Way auction. They have the auction set up in a way that someone could buy a painting at the full price and take it right away, or put a bid on it and take a chance to win it. This painting sold full price. 50% of that sale  will sponsor underprivileged children into Fredericton ART CLASSES in fall and winter. This is the painting that sold:

''Transcending'' 24''x24''

”Transcending” 24”x24”

So I just finished another painting to replace it in the same auction. I’ll be bringing it to Isaac’s way this afternoon.


These are pouring paintings that I like to do. Perhaps after my commission’s are done I will paint more of these. I had missed making them.  This was fun to make. I love how the colours are very vibrant with this technique. It brightens up a room! If you are interested in this painting, check out the Isaac’s Way link which will tell you how to go about making a bid.

I am almost done another commission piece. I was hoping to have it done today but my arm has been acting up. Can’t move it like I would like too, so it may be another day or so. I’ll post as soon as that one is done. There is just a little more to do on it.

Sept 6th, 2014

Feels good to get back into the studio after a few weeks off. My brain needed to see a blank canvas as well! Started shopping for canvases and priming the ones I had. I am ready to start painting a few commission pieces this fall. They all have to be done before the end of November. I see the images in my mind so it shouldn’t be a problem to get it onto the canvas. That part of seeing it in my mind takes as much time and effort as making the painting itself!

My studio is all cleaned up, well, I could still do more tidying up, I will work on that in between paintings. I’m trying to organize my studio a little better, to have everything at an easier reach. I’ll probably have to adjust things as I go but I think I have it mostly organized to my liking.

Some of the commission paintings I can post as I work on them, other’s will have to wait till the client see it. So, keep checking in for photos or follow along on my facebook page!

August 10th 2014

I participated in the CMA (Congrès Mondiale Acadien) in Grand-Falls. The show I participated in was a two day concert directed by Myriam Poitras. I was asked to have my work on display on the side of the stage. It looked great, unfortunately I was too engrossed in the activity to remember to take a photo of my display!  A had big metal racks to display my big work and a table to display smaller pieces and my cards. Looked great!

At this show all the artist who participated in writing and recording the song ”Acadie du Monde” were there and they sang it as a grand finally. This is the song that I painted the painting with the same name. While they sang this song, they put up a photo of my painting on big screens next to the stage. Myriam Poitras bought that painting which was a great honour to me. I must have represented her song well in this painting!

Here is a photo of the poster for the event as well as my painting Acadie du Monde.

My art will be on display and for sale

July 25th 2014

I set up more images in my society 6 account. Every time I go take a look at my account there are more products with my paintings on it! They now have shower curtains and rugs. I will continue to add more images to give a bigger selection to anyone who would like to purchase something from this site. I have ordered a few things for myself to see the quality of the products. I was very pleased with what I received. I got myself some cushions, mugs, and bags. Here is the link to my account.

society6 stuff